St. Anselm Parish – Cluster Parish

In February, 2001, Bishop Anthony Pilla promulgated his Vibrant Parish Life Pastoral Letter. Parishes were asked to then study options and then identified a parish with which they hoped to cluster. Bishop Lennon approved the mutual choice of our parishes, the St. Anselm-St. Francis of Assisi Cluster, in February, 2007. The informal collaboration previously done by our two parishes became structured and a team of five people from each parish including both pastors worked for the following eighteen months on developing a Cluster Plan. This plan was approved by Bishop Lennon in March, 2009.

Our collaboration has included work together on shared communal penance services, shared staff persons, Generations of Faith, joint staff retreats, adult learning, parish missions, and grief support. We welcome parishioners from St. Anselm to join in any St. Franicis of Assisi activities. Parishioners from both parishes enjoy the joint parish picnic in the fall of the year.

The Church of St. Anselm
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Mon thru Thurs: 7:30 am
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Sat Vigil: 4:00 pm
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