Heart of a Shepherd Campaign

To make your pledge online visit http://www.catholiccommunity.org/SFA

St. Francis of Assisi has been participating in the Heart of a Shepherd campaign, a historic effort endorsed by Bishop Edward Malesic to support the men in our community who are called to serve and those who have served. This is an opportunity for all of us within the Diocese of Cleveland to recommit ourselves to the leaders of our faith by raising the funds necessary to: 

Complete essential renovations to Borromeo and Saint Mary Seminaries

Provide the proper care to the priests who have dedicated their lives to shepherding our faith by fully funding the Clergy Pension Fund

Offer newly-ordained priests financial tuition assistance

 In addition to the Diocesan focus of this campaign, St. Francis of Assisi is raising funds to provide for the needs of our parish as well. We have an opportunity to improve several items in our beautiful church: a new boiler, new air conditioning, replace carpeting, replace roof, and paint the interior of the church. We plan to add a permanent baptismal font, which is missing in our church now. 

Our goal is 1.2 million dollars. 65% of every dollar raised up to $600,000 will support our own parish. For every dollar raised beyond $600,000, 80% will stay at St. Francis of Assisi Parish. As of November 13, we are already at $764,000. Thank you for your generosity already!

Find out more about supporting our seminary and clergy.
We hosted a small reception with Fr. Caddy and Brendan Welsh.

During the weekend of November 14 and 15, we will provide an opportunity for all parishioners to support the Heart of a Shepherd campaign by indicating their decision during Mass or online. Whether you are ready to make a pledge, need more time, or have already made your decision, we invite each household to consider their own commitment to this important effort. You can give online anytime at: http://www.catholiccommunity.org/SFA

If you have any questions about the Heart of a Shepherd campaign , please contact the Parish Office at 440-461-0066 or info@stfrancisgm.org.