Music Ministry

Music greatly helps to enhance the liturgy through the sharing of musical gifts bestowed by God. In addition to congregational participation, parishioners have the opportunity to share their musical talents through participation in the following groups:

Adult Choir

Max Menkhaus | (440) 461-0066 x108

The adult choir seeks to enhance the liturgical worship of the parish through its leadership in congregational singing at the 10:00 am Sunday liturgy, holidays and special occasions. Any high school aged person or older may join the adult choir.


Max Menkhaus | (440) 461-0066 x108

Cantors lead the congregation in song at most weekend liturgies. Cantors should be musically proficient vocalists and be able to lead the congregation.

Children’s Choir

Ryann Sefcik | (440) 461-0066

The children’s choir is an ensemble of school-aged children which helps to lead congregational singing at some weekend liturgies and special occasions.

Handbell Choir

Dominic Juliana

The Handbell Choir adds to the music ministry at special occasions. Any high school aged person or older is welcome.


Max Menkhaus | (440) 461-0066 x108

Musically proficient instrumentalists are encouraged to share their gifts at weekend liturgies and other special occasions. Instrumental rehearsals are held in conjunction with the Adult Choir.

LifeTeen Band

Marina Arko |

Talented instrumentalists and vocalists provide spirited musical accompaniment for the 6:00 pm Life Teen Mass from September through May. Contact the director for an interview and tryout.