Faith Formation Ministry

Adult Faith Formation Committee

(440) 461-0066

As a joint endeavor with St. Anselm Church, this committee acts as a catalyst to enhance the relationships between the two parishes and among the family, church and community through faith enrichment programs and experiences.

Baptism Preparation Team

Meg Zetzer | (440) 461-0066 x 164  or  (440) 449-7880

Anyone interested in helping parents to better understand their role as Christian parents in passing the faith to their children can offer assistance on the Baptism team.

Confirmation Preparation Team

Meg Zetzer | (440) 461-0066 x 164  or  (440) 449-7880

Adults offer assistance as facilitators for discussions and other activities that are part of the Confirmation preparation program for the teens.

Youth Ministry Volunteers

Fr. Steve Flynn | (440) 461-0066
Cari Shell | (440) 461-0066

Creative, engaging, and prayerful activities lead teens closer to Christ. Adult Volunteers serve as mentors to the teens, helping to teach and support the teens of the community on Sunday evenings after 6:00 pm Mass.